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The upper section of the Rupal Face of Nanga Parbat. 9/13/05 - Steve House has sent an email from Pakistan describing his and Vince Anderson’s alpine-style ascent of the central pillar on the Rupal Face of Nanga Parbat, sure to go down as one of the great climbs in modern Himalayan history. View top-quality stock photos of Sunrise On Nanga Parbat Rupal Face Himalayas. Nanga Parbat - the "naked" 8000m Peak Nanga Parbat: Dear climber, our home valley lies in Switzerland so all our information is originally in German. 01 Jerome Ryan At Tarashing Village. 5 years ago | 80 views. Nanga Parbat Photo Gallery - Rupal Face Trek from Tarashing, with great views of Nanga Parbat Rupal And East faces, to Rupal Face Base Camp with the enormous Rupal Face towering overhead. With 4,500-meter vertical drop, it is the highest wall in the world. RUPAL FACE, NANGA PARBAT. (1) Holeček-Petreček attempt to 7,800m (their high point is a little off picture) in 2018. Nanga Parbat, Attempt on Rupal Face. Walking through the scenic Rupal Valley and meeting people in the summer settlements with fresh water, firewood and superb views of the Rupal Face of Nanga Parbat. Its South Face known as Rupal Face is (5000m) high, while the North or Raikot Face plunging over (7000m) from the summit to the Indus forms one of the world’s deepest gorge. All Locations > International > Asia > Pakistan > Nanga Parbat. 0 Comments Post Comment. Nanga Parbat klassas som världens nionde högsta berg. The Rupal face is the highest precipice in the World. On the hardest slope, to the south. The Schlagintweit brothers, who hailed from Munich (Germany) came in 1854 to Himalayas and drew a panoramic view which is the first known picture of Nanga Parbat. Its original and appropriate name, however is Diamir the King of the Mountains. D uring eight days in September, Steve House and I completed a new route on Nanga Parbat's Rupal Face. Tonight at 19:00 CET American alpinist Steve House will talk about the ascent of the Rupal face of Nanga Parbat, carried out with Vince Anderson over a period of eight days in alpine style in 2005. Messner Route, 1970. RUPAL FACE, NANGA PARBAT. 1970: Tragedy on the Rupal Face . Nanga Parbat ve diğer tanıdıklarınla iletişim kurmak için Facebook'a katıl. Report. Nanga Parbat adlı kişilerin profillerini gör. Climbing Area Map This is our best guess at this area's location. 2:05. House-Anderson Route, 2005 . Nanga Parbat is located in the Northern Areas of Pakistan and is the Western bastion of the Himalaya. Follow. The route climbs a more direct line to the summit on more technically difficult terrain than the 1970 Messner Route to the left and the 1985 Polish-Mexican route to the right. The Rupal Face on Nanga Parbat. Nanga Parbat - 8126m - #9 In The World. Nanga Parbat, "Naked Mountain" in Urdu, is an immense, dramatic peak situated at the west of the Himalayas just south of the Indus River, with its three faces towering high above the valley floor. Nanga Parbat, for example, boasts the Rupal Face, a 15,000-foot single wall of rock and ice that is considered the highest face in the world. Rupal Face Climbing. The far right skyline … The towering Rupal Face was climbed by Italian Reinhold Messner, one of the greatest Himalayan climbers, and his brother Günther Messner in 1970, doing the third ascent of Nanga Parbat. It is an isolated range of peaks just springing up from nothing, and is surrounded by the rivers Indus and Astore. Work is in progress, but please contact us if you are interested in this tour. It has three faces, Diamir face, Rakhiot, and Rupal. To the south, the Rupal Face rises an … Nanga Parbat är erkänt svårt att bestiga. When Herrligkoffer formed his team to come back to Nanga Parbat, he obviously chose Reinhold. (2) South-southeast spur, a.k.a. Browse more videos. They were also great climbers, with multiple successes in the Alps. Nanga Parbat means the naked mountain. The core of Nanga Parbat is a long ridge trending southwest–northeast. Find premium, high-resolution stock photography at Getty Images. Nanga Parbat is not a single peak but consists of 20km long series of peaks and ridges culminating in an ice crest of (8125m). The ridge is an enormous bulk of ice and rock. It is the nineth highest mountain in the world and the second highest in Pakistan after K2.Steeped in a history matched by few others in Asia it has staged some of the greatest Himalayan ascents of all time. Playing next. Nanga Parbat massif is the western corner pillar of the Himalayas. Nanga Parbat's infamous Rupal Face, a vertical 13,500' challenge of snow, rock and ice, is widely considered the greatest alpine wall in the world! This media file is either in the public domain or published under a free license, and contains no inbound file links.. The north Raikot face plunges over 7000 m from the summit to the Indus River, forming one of the world’s deepest, dramatic gorges. It converts itself into ice fields around Nanga Parbat peak. The eleventh German expedition to the mountain, led again by Dr. Karl M. Herrligkoffer, made an attempt to climb the 15,000-foot-high Rupal or South Face of Nanga Parbat (26.660 feet). Two days walk from the jump-off point at Tarashing, takes you to the beautiful camp of Shaigiri (5584m) provide magnificent views across the valley of Nanga Parbat. The Rupal Valley, on the south side of Nanga Parbat, is accessed via the Astor Valley, which leaves the KKH at Jaglot 60 Km south of Gilgit. Yet, we are currently translating this page into English! Asslamoaliqum Brother, The Rupal Face is not only Nanga Parbat’s most technical face, it is the largest rock-face in the world. To the south, Nanga Parbat (8126 m) boasts what is sometimes referred to as the world’s highest mountain face: an amazing 4,600 m (15,000 feet) above Nanga Parbat base, the Rupal Face rises. Short, easy treks in the Rupal … Shujaat Ali says: February 6, 2012 at 10:44 am. In the other direction, the main ridge arcs northeast at Rakhiot Peak (7,070 m or 23,200 ft). Nanga Parbat - Rupal Valley Face.jpg 5,312 × 2,340; 2.16 MB Nanga parbat abdul rafey.jpg 1,600 × 1,200; 543 KB Nanga Parbat and the Sleeping Beauty under Day moon (Aerial View).jpg 4,818 × 4,889; 6.74 MB The Rupal face. Sixty eight degrees at its base and 85 degrees near the top, it rises about 5 kilometers vertically from the Tap Alp Meadows to the summit. If it had been successful, it would have been the third new route on the peak. Nanga Parbat peak was discovered in the nineteenth century by Europeans. +92-3465506128 +92 51 8891263 Government license: 2293. 02 Tarashing Village Is The Gateway To Nanga Parbat Rupal Face. Nanga Parbat, eller på urdu Nastaliq (نانگا پربت), är ett berg beläget i västra Himalaya i den pakistanska delen av Jammu och Kashmir.Nanga Parbat har en högsta topp på 8 126 meter över havet. The southwestern portion of this main ridge is known as the Mazeno Wall, and has a number of subsidiary peaks. Its South Face known as Rupal Face is (5000m) high, while the North or Raikot Face plunging over (7000m) from the summit to the Indus forms one of the world's deepest gorge. Günther Messner perished during the descent and Reinhold, after an epic battle for survival, emerged as the only witness. 6 thoughts on “Nanga Parbat Rupal Face Trek” Mudassir Husain says: January 21, 2012 at 1:12 pm. (3) Central Pillar or Anderson-House Route (2005). If this media file is useful, then it should be transferred to the Wikimedia Commons.If the file lacks a description you can check edits the uploader made just after uploading this file with this tool. While the pair was descending the back side of Nanga Parbat, Günther was killed in an avalanche. A NEW ROUTE ON THE RUPAL FACE CLIMBED IN ALPINE STYLE BY VINCE ANDERSON AND STEVE HOUSE Nanga Parbat is not a single peak but consists of 20km long series of peaks and ridges culminating in an ice crest of (8125m). The North Face Nanga Parbat Winter Expedition - Farewell to Nanga Parbat. Hollis Maud. Although Italian, the two brothers from Tyrol were German-speaking. Fix Location This area is empty. Home; About Us; Tours; Treks; Services; Blog; Contact; +92-3465506128 +92 51 8891263 Government license: 2293 In 1970 the two Messner brothers reached the summit of Nanga Parbat via the immense and hitherto unclimbed Rupal Face, but were subsequently forced into a tragic climb down the unknown Diamir Face. Rupal Face of Nanga Parbat, widely considered the greatest alpine wall in the world. Areas can contain sub-areas ... Rupal Face as seen from Rupal Gah 1. Nanga Parbat (Main) has […] This one is the best travelogue i have read of Nanga Parbat Rupal Face Trek so that is why i thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The Rupal Face on Nanga Parbat - Photo by arch.Steve House - Vincent Anderson

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